What’s in the New Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Console

 Handheld consoles are known for giving thrilling gaming moments.

Some time back, many handheld consoles contained limited gaming specifications that made many uncomfortable using it to play advanced games. However, Nintendo has released a new handheld control 3DS XL version, which is aimed at lifting gaming moments to the next level. Currently, many game developers are producing 3D games, which were not running in the older version of Nintendo DS. With the new upgraded Nintendo 3DS XL, all 3D games are easy to play with no hitches or delays when playing.

The new Nintendo 3Ds has a big screen with good resolution that brings into live many 3D game effects as explained by Retro pool.

The console has the face-tracking technology, big screen, and a better quality screen that no other console can match. The console has a C-stick, which is an analogue stick that enables you to play the games with the mode of your choice. The console comes with a portable screen which you can move with anywhere if you need to. The Nintendo 3DS has arrived with all desired gaming qualities that you can never have from any other console.

When you purchase this Nintendo 3ds XL, you get a premium guarantee of having a quality hardware that will serve you for as long as your gaming needs persist. The new 3DS is the only console that has the power to emulate the SNES and can handle and play some of the games which were found on the older version of SNES. The Nintendo 3ds contains a digital catalogue with great and classic titles from Gameboy colour, NES, and Gameboy. It has an excellent collection of thrilling games that will undoubtedly keep you glued to this awesome handheld console all day long.

When buying the new Nintendo 3DS, you may incur several charges such as buying an AC adapter and SD card.

Though the charges may give you a pinch, it is worth to spend a few extra bucks to get a thrilling experience. The U.S consoles contain AC adapters, but the European ones come without for some unknown reasons. The Nintendo games can be purchased at EShop, which contains various classic games. Some have premium rates while some are free. If playing 3D games uninterrupted is your wish, then Nintendo handheld console comes packaged with all classic 3D games at your disposal. Speed and great graphics are what makes this console be the ultimate choice for many.