Use of hair Dyes in Pregnancy

Use of hair Dyes in Pregnancy

When it comes to personal grooming, there is nothing as satisfying as crowning your head in thick, shining and healthy hair. You know how bad hair days drain the energy out of your system, while good hair days energize you to the maximum. What if when you are pregnant, do you still need to look glam? The answer is a resounding yes! This is the time when you ought to look good. However, there is a lot of concern when it comes to the use of hair products when pregnant. Some of the hair dyes have been considered teratogenic and carcinogenic. Today we seek to demystify what happens when you use hair products during this condition.

The Worry

Many women who use these products when pregnant worry about the effect on their bodies and the unborn fetus. Many women are resistant to use the dyes due to fear of the chemicals and the risks to the fetus. This is why you only need to work with sources, which can be trusted to provide safe products.

Hair Dyes

Hair dyes come in three different categories that include permanent, semi-permanent and temporary. Permanent hair dyes comprise about 75 percent of all dyes. They work through oxidation using hydrogen peroxide that permeates the fiber thus producing the color associated with the dye. This dye allows the changes to be more dramatic and won’t wash out until the hair grows back.

Semi-permanent dyes form nearly 20 percent of the dyes and directly penetrate your hair without any need for oxidation. The color will last between 6 and 12 washings.

Temporary dyes represent the remaining percentage and are meant for a single wash. The coloring is deposited on the cuticle and will remain till you wash your hair. The dye will add some intensity to the natural color of your hair.

What Causes Concern?

Not all hair dyes are the same because of the ingredients used to make them. However, some contain chemicals that have been shown to be detrimental to you and the fetus. Dyes that contain N-nitro, so compounds are harmful to your health and that of the unborn fetus. Any dye that contains nitrosamides and nitrosamines is considered bad for you. The ability for these compounds to penetrate your skin makes them dangerous to your health.


Staying beautiful during pregnancy isn’t an option. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use the right kinds of hair dyes. However, be careful to avoid any dye that will cause complications to you and your unborn baby.