Tricks to Add Salad to Your Daily Routine

Tricks to Add Salad to Your Daily Routine

Working mums have a lot to contend with; right from taking care of their families to making sure they meet the targets at work. Some have the luck of sharing their family responsibilities with their husbands, while some don’t have this luxury.

With the fatigue that comes with handling a day job, running errands and looking after the kids, the meal ends up suffering. Most times, the quality of food becomes an issue because you are too tired to get the right ingredients and make a healthy meal.

This is why you need to find the trick behind the use of salads and make them work for you. Having salad at each meal is one of the ways to make sure you enjoy a healthy meal often. However, it takes some effort on your part to pull this through.

Keep Green Vegetables at the Ready

The first trick is to make sure you have some green leafy vegetables always ready. Make sure they are clean and kept in the refrigerator for immediate use. If you wash the vegetable whole, go ahead and spin them in a salad spinner from Spinning Salad, then keep the spinner in your freezer. Doing this keeps the salad fresh for at least a week.

Don’t chop the vegetables till it is time for you to use it. This works well for lettuce that you can store whole in the fridge.

Buy Pre-washed Salad Greens

You can also opt for prewashed salad greens or those that are well packed and store them the way they are. This reduces your work and allows you to use them when you need to. A packed green salad is ideal because all you need to do is pull it out the fridge and pour it into the salad bowl.

Vary the Ingredients

To make sure you get a variety on the salad, make use of different ingredients as well. Go for pepper and avocado, and any other fruit that you see fit for the salad. Tomatoes also do wonders to a green salad.

Final Trick: Have a Good Salad Dressing at Hand

The next trick is to make sure you have a good salad dressing every time. You can add a few store-bought salad dressing to the fridge for easier access. If you have a huge family, get your kids to be involved in making the salad so that they can take over to give you some free time.