Straightening Thick Hair

Straightening Thick Hair

Thick hair comes with its pros and cons. On the good side, it is more noticeable and will look vibrant and healthy at all times. On the other hand, it demands more attention and care from you, especially if the hair is long. You will have to use more doses of anything, ranging from relaxers to shampoo, compared to those that have thinner hair.

You will also need more time to brush and comb the hair, trying to place each strand in the right place. When the time comes to style and straighten it, you will need to be more cautious. Let us look at the way to choose the right straightener for this kind of hair from Brushed Straight.

Know the Protection the Tool Will Provide

Thick hair can be lustrous if well taken care of. It will also appear more voluminous than thin hair. The right straightener will give too more shine. However, you will lose all the volume and shine if you use a straightener that sucks up all the moisture. You need to look for a tool that will preserve the natural moisture of the hair.

For this, you need to buy a straightener that comes with ceramic heating components and plates. Tourmaline is the best material in this range because it offers the best retention of moisture because the plates will enjoy better heat absorption.

It Helps You Straighten Your Hair Faster

Since it is normal for you to take more time straightening your hair as opposed to thin hair, you need a tool that will make it easy to style it. This will be the case when you use a straightener that has fast heating systems. Take a straightener that will generate heat in a matter of seconds.

The straightener should also be able to generate and maintain high temperatures. Look for a tool that will create and sustain higher temperatures quickly. The straightener should offer a steady temperature of 170 F or more. This temperature will allow you to style the hair without the risk of burning it or drying it up entirely.

Variable Heating

You ought to have total control over the styling process. Avoid the straighteners that offer limited options.

Final Thoughts

Straightening your hair shouldn’t be too hard when you have the right tools. You can get the right tools only if you know what you require for this kind of hair. Take time to select the right tool for this task.