Relieve Back Pain With a Memory Foam Mattress

Relieve Back Pain With a Memory Foam Mattress

Most people are aware of the fact that many suffer from back pain, and that its treatment can be quite a lengthy process. However, the good news is that it is much easier to get rid of what is causing it in the first place. One frequent cause is a low-quality spring mattress. That raises another question, “What makes a mattress suitable for my back?” The answer is nothing more but memory foam.

Spring Mattresses Won’t Cut It

Your typical spring mattresses are stiff, which leads to an uneven posture while sleeping. Their plank-like surfaces cause the spine of a back sleeper to arch and reduces support for the inner knee. Furthermore, both of these do not enable the lower back from decompressing and lead to strain, which at some point will cause pain.

Another way of picturing this is looking at the buttocks and the upper shoulders, as these are body parts that would protrude mostly. As you lie on your back, the buttocks are the first to touch the mattress, then the shoulders and heels. However, your lower back has an arch, so there is a space between it and the bed. This awkward position not only increases strain on the muscles but also disrupts the natural alignment of the spinal cord.

Memory Foam Makes a Difference

Medium-firm memory foam is much more posture-friendly because it enables the parts of the body that naturally touches the bed to sink in while offering support to parts that need it. What you get is cushioning for hips and shoulders, while providing support and relaxation for the lower back.

Medium-firm memory foam mattresses will maintain proper vertebrae alignment and relieve unnecessary muscle tension. You might want to look at visco foam beds and other brands. Worry not, because memory foam is affordable, easy-to-find, and is beneficial to your health. Or, you could check for more information. Think of it like this, all you have to do is invest some of your money to prevent any long-term back pain or injury.


Replace your spring mattress with a decent, medium-firm memory foam mattress. With these, you can sleep with the appropriate posture and reduce the muscle strain and tension you would normally experience while lying down on an old spring mattress. Remember, your long-term health is in your hands.