Reasons Your EBook Is Not Selling as Expected

Reasons Your EBook Is Not Selling as Expected

You get an idea for an eBook, come up with the content and then post it to the forums and markets only to get no sale in the first months. What are you doing wrong? Well, coming up with the idea is easy, writing the book is also a breeze; the issue comes when you have to make some money out of it. Here are some of the causes of poor or no sales when it comes to selling your eBook.

Poor Packaging

One of the first mistakes that you might be making is the poor packaging of the eBook. The eBook cover needs to have information and graphics that will impress the potential buyer. The cover should display the title, the niche and your name as the author. This information will give the reader an idea of what to expect from you.

Lack of Marketing Ideas

One of the best ways to market the book would be via a dedicated website. This can be a single page blog-style website that gives a glimpse of the book as well as has testimonials from previous buyers. The website ought to engage and appeal to your buyers. If you don’t have one yet, you can get a perfect one from for the few months that your eBook will be up for sale.

The sales page ought to show the price and have a link for checking out as well.

Know Your Niche

Before you write the eBook, make sure you get the best niche to write about. An eBook that covers a tightly-defined niche will sell faster than one that covers a niche that is undefined.

Poor Pricing

You have to do some research to get the right price to sell the eBook for. There is no set method for coming up with the price. What you need to do is to study your niche and know what other similar eBooks are selling for, and then come up with an average price for the eBook. A high price or a very low price might result in minimum or no sales at all.

Final Words

Writing an eBook, especially on a topic that you love is fun. The problem comes when you have to sell the eBook, and you end up with no sales for several months. When this happens, you need to review your packaging, the sales page and understand proper pricing techniques before you attempt to sale the book again.