Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Healthcare

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Healthcare

People perceive health care as the hospital care stereotype, which is only one aspect of it. After all, that is secondary healthcare, and there are two other types, namely primary and tertiary. First, you should read about health care in general and learn about the three levels of health care:

Healthcare: An Overview

Health care is an organized method of providing medical care that maintains the health of the human body. Also, healthcare providers are professionals in various health-related fields such as dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, psychology, and so on. Furthermore, socio-economic and political factors influence healthcare in many ways.

Primary Healthcare

Primary healthcare is the first level of contact, particularly between individuals or families with the health system. The health practitioner you will see here is the general physician or the family doctor. Also, this type of healthcare will suffice for minor health issues of general types. Usually, the doctor or healthcare provider gives a prescription for the illness. If they are unable to deal with the condition, then the patient is referred to a higher level, namely the secondary healthcare provider, such as general hospitals.

Secondary Healthcare

If a health condition is not treatable at the primary level, then the patient is referred to the next. Often, these conditions require treatment from a hospital, by doctors with specializations. These specialists include cardiologists, dermatologists, urologists, and other types of doctors. Often, the facilities that offer secondary health care is open around the clock. As for conditions that require more specialized facilities, a referral to the tertiary level may be necessary.

Tertiary Healthcare

Specialty clinics and hospitals constitute the tertiary level, as they target only a specific category of health conditions. For example, a heart center is a tertiary health care facility which often has a cardiologist working there. At this level, the patients are screened out so only those with specific issues will undergo treatment. After the patient receives the appropriate treatment, it is possible to send them back to secondary level downwards.

Finding a Healthcare Provider

Depending on your location, it may be easy or difficult to look for a healthcare provider. Also, your needs may require you to visit either a clinic or a hospital, so it’s possible to start at primary or secondary. If you are looking for health professionals at home, check out Pegasus Home Health Care.


Healthcare is not what it seems to be to the layman. It follows a structure that will ensure proper referral and efficient workflow. Furthermore, admission not only works upward but downwards as well.