What to Look for in a Foosball Table

Foosball is one of those games that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and gender and provides an ideal way to spend quality time with friends or family. Foosball tables have been there for decades but their popularity seems to be on the rise in the modern day. Buying a foosball table may seem like an easy task but there are important factors that the buyer should put into consideration. For instance, these tables are made from different materials and come in varying configurations. Therefore, it is important to gather sufficient information from foosball sites such as Foosball Fanatic, so as to make an informed decision when it’s time to get one of those tables. Before ordering a foosball table, it is paramount to consider the factors below.

The purpose

Foosball can be played for fun and also as a competitive sport. When buying the foosball table, it is important to consider its intended purpose. If the table is for kids to enjoy playing during their free time, you may want to save some bucks on your table and buy a premium table that also guarantees quality. However, if the table is intended to sharpen an individual’s competitive skills, the buyer should be ready to spend a good amount to get a table with a consistent roll, a good combination of man and ball surface and a ball that rolls right.

Playing Area

The size of the room or living space where the Foosball table will be located should be considered so as help decide on the right size to buy. Foosball tables come in different sizes that can fit in either small or large space. Compact designs are ideal where space is limited, whereas larger tables are ideal for large rooms or open areas.


There are different types of foosball tables to fit with varying user preferences. For instance, there are portable or tabletop foosball tables that can be easily moved from one place to another. In addition, if there isn’t enough playing room in the house, they can be brought outside for a quick game. They are easy to store and easy to move from one place to another.

Extra features

Some tables come with extra cool features to make the game more enjoyable.  A foosball table with these extra features would be good value for the money spent, hence a buyer should look out for such features. They include cup holders, a manual scorekeeper, and rubber or wooden handles on the rods among others.


It is important to ensure that the foosball table is made from strong and long lasting materials to ensure it can be relied upon for several years. If the buyer wants a portable foosball table, he or she should go for light-weight materials that are also long lasting such as chrome, hollow steel or plastic. However, to withstand heavy use for many years, tough and strong materials such as metal or wood are recommended.