Buying a Foosball Table to Accommodate Pro-Level Players

When buying a foosball table or checking out reviews at great sites like, it’s often difficult to understand precisely which type you need to get. Fortunately, despite all of the differences between various tables, if you know who your customers or players of the table will be, the ultimate decision should be relatively easy to make.

So let’s take a closer look at which foosball table features are ideal for pro-level players, as well as how these features add value to the game.

The Amount of Goalies

One of the easiest ways to identify a beginner table is to see how many goalies are placed on each side. Many beginner tables will offer three goalies – one to block the ball and the other two to clear it or get it away from the goals easily. Pro-players, however, have more than enough skill to control the ball, even if it goes awkwardly into the corner, and will often find the additional goalies to simply get in the way. Therefore, if you’re shopping for a table to accommodate pros, choose a table with one goalie. As a final note, remember that it’s often easy to remove extra goalies if necessary, although if a table has this feature, it will likely offer a few other beginner-friendly features as well – making it not the most ideal choice.

Counterweighted Rods and Kickers

Another important aspect to consider is how the men on the field are weighted. On many pro-level tables, the rods and men will be perfectly balanced so that they don’t swing back into position once a player let’s go of the rod. Instead, players can position their men horizontally so as to kick the ball from the back-end of the field without getting in their own way. This feature will also help reduce spinning, which is typically considered illegal in tournament settings, and promotes conscious control of all the players.

Built-in Table Levelers

Finally, if you want to always ensure a fair match and an even playing field, tables with built-in levelers will help you make the table perfectly level so that the ball won’t keep rolling to one end or into a corner during play.

Shopping for the ideal foosball table is not necessarily an easy task, but can be made simpler with helpful review sites. So don’t hesitate to find out what others have to say about various tables before making your final purchase decision.