4 Ways to Raise Brand Awareness on Instagram (for New Businesses)

4 Ways to Raise Brand Awareness on Instagram (for New Businesses)

If you’re a newly established business, a genius way of setting a path to success is to raise brand awareness.

Brand awareness is important because it helps you differentiate your business from the standard ones. It gives you a unique image.

Especially if you have a lot of competition, a high level of brand awareness can help you fast-forward your way to the top.

Here are the ways to raise brand awareness.

1. Create Guest Posts

First up is to find blogs that accept guest post submissions for topics related to your niche. And in exchange, have them display links to your Instagram account and other social media accounts.

Especially if you create a guest post on a highly popular blog, you’ll get a grand ticket to fame. If that blog has about 1,000,000 monthly visitors, that would be about 1,000,000 people who now know your brand’s name.

2. Create Infographics

Then create infographics and post them on your Instagram account. A lot of people love infographics because a lot of people love information.

At this point, it’s best not to create the infographic in such a manner that focuses on your brand solely. You are a new name, after all. And not many people would be interested in reading information about a business they barely know.

Instead, use a brilliant hack. Create an infographic script related to your niche, and then subtly insert a section about your brand.

3. Use Tools for Consistency

And you should be consistent, too. Even before finalizing the signup process for your Instagram account, you should have a long-term play figured out.

Be consistent with your posts — in terms of quality and quantity. An Instagram automation tool could keep you up to speed with consistency.

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There, you will find the best Instagram bots and tools that can power up your brand to success.

4. Use Hashtags

Then, there are hashtags. There’s no rule against it so you should invent a unique hashtag for your brand.

Using hashtags raises brand awareness because it gives people an easy access to your posts.

For example, your unique hashtag is #Green307. So use it always for your posts.

That way, if people search for #Green307 on the network, they would find all of your posts.


Think of brand awareness as a rank in society. You would want a positive rank, right?

So, make it happen. As you raise awareness for your brand, make sure you’re doing it in a positive manner.