4 Brilliant Ways to Make Sure Your New Brand Will Succeed on Instagram

4 Brilliant Ways to Make Sure Your New Brand Will Succeed on Instagram

It’s fun to mingle with people on Instagram. Many of them don’t seem to hold back when it comes to engaging with someone.

So if you want to launch your brand and want people to engage with it, the social media site is an excellent venue!

Then again, your new brand is only likely to succeed if you do your end of the bargain. If you don’t have a solid strategy on how to establish yourself, you probably won’t make it.

So that’s what you do: have a strategy in place.

Need help?

Let me guide you.

1. Write a killer bio

It’s an opportunity for you to introduce yourself using words. You need to seize this opportunity so people don’t get the wrong impression.

Tips on how to write a killer bio?

  • Give away your name
  • Be straightforward by avoiding fluff
  • Keep it short and simple

Define the most important part of your brand

2. Design an excellent logo

Generating a logo out of thin air is not a good idea. Instead, take the matter seriously by coming up with an excellent design.

Let it speak a message about your brand. After all, it’s an icon that will represent your brand from day 1.

If you don’t take your logo’s design seriously, how can you expect people to take your brand seriously?

3. Decide on the right colors

They evoke a person’s emotions. They can make a person smile, feel giddy, irritated, and more.

Yes, they’re that powerful.

In fact, many people make purchase decisions based on colors.

So if – especially if – your new brand wants to soar high in the e-commerce industry, you should choose the right colors.

And while you can’t single out one color as “the best”, red seems to be very popular.

It’s a symbol of power, fierceness, and strength.

4. Let automation tools help

SocialSteeze, LikeSocial, Magic Social, and Followadder are some Instagram automation tools that will help you out with your new brand.

They’ll automate generic tasks for you so you can grow your brand (at least) twice as fast!

Then again, not all automation tools will make your life easier in the long run.

For example, you’re better off without this tool, SocialCaptain. According to the reviewers, its business is quite shady.

If you think they’re overreacting, then you got to see this!

Final Thoughts

And remember that making it big on Instagram is not going to happen overnight. Your success is probably not due for months or years.

But hang in there because it will happen. If you worked hard and you did things right, you know you’ve earned it!